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Harriman Demonstrates Community Care through Supporting Social Enterprise "Addoilmusic"

28 Feb 2024

Harriman recently showcased its commitment to the community by collaborating with the social enterprise "Addoilmusic." As part of our ongoing efforts to contribute to society, Team Harriman participated in a transformative teambuilding workshop organized by Addoilmusic. The workshop aimed to foster team unity through the power of music. "Addoilmusic" is Hong Kong's first social enterprise dedicated to promoting the playing and creation of music. Its purpose is to nurture youth with aspirations to enter the music and creative industries by providing professional and innovative music services.

During this transformative workshop, our team had the opportunity to learn the lyric co-writting and vocal recording through expert guidance and tutorials. It was truly inspiring to see teammates, who had no prior musical backgrounds, come together to create a unique theme song for Harriman.  Guided by new knowledge and creativity, Team Harriman embraced the challenge of crafting a theme song for our company. In just one day, we merged new lyrics with an existing melody, resulting in an exceptional composition.

In the property management industry, we face external challenges every day. However, our team comes together with a professional approach to resolve these issues. We prioritize people management and strive to build a cohesive team that consistently delivers excellent services to our valued clients.